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What is Dust Free?

Dust Free is an air purification technology that helps to improve indoor air quality.

Its technology allows eliminating pollutant substances, bacteria, moulds and viruses
with a natural active principle.

The Dust Free devices exploit the PCOTM technology, which allows destroying
pollution substances present in the air with a natural active principle that acts both in
the place where the device is installed, on the entire air circuit, and in the treated
environments by acting actively 24 hours a day.


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What is photocatalytic oxidation?

Photocatalytic Oxidation, also known as PCO, it’s a chemical effect produced when a light source penetrates a surface that works as a semiconductor material, best known as a photocatalyst.

The photocatalyst absorbs the UV lights and creates oxygen particles such: OH•, OH-, O2-•, HO2, thanks to a mix of noble metals, where Titanium Dioxide (TIO2) works as the key element.

Titanium Dioxide it’s a non-toxic substance, and its high level of photoactivity, good behaviour, and stability, added to its low cost, converts it into a very efficient substance.

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Main sectors of use

Dust Free acts efficiently both in residential and commercial venues, contributing to better indoor air quality in homes, schools, offices, public transport, hospitals, hotels, and industrial buildings.

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